Full Plate 10: Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus

Posted: Apr 29, 2022

Even in the New Dark Ages, we still have possibilities. 

There exists within all of us, I think, a certain knowledge of and yearning for the heroic, for the upright, and for the fragrant essence of valiance remembered from the golden tales of our youth.

This world in which we live does its very best at every turn to remove these qualities from the individual, to remove his individuality in the first place, making him a faceless member of a mass society in which everyone is called unique, but “all are one.”

These are the modern equivalents of the peasant class, living under the boot of the feudal elite, who vye for control of the people beneath them like a simple numbered resource.

The King is dead, and his place, a viper’s nest of merchants and whores, methodically capturing the minds and souls of the dead-eyed crowds in the marketplace with their new wares.

The blood has largely grown weak, like water in the veins of the people, and the fire that was once hot in the heart of men is cold.

But not for all.

The King himself cannot slumber forever, and we know that what once was shall be again. 

Rex quondam, rexque futurus.

The King that was, will be King in the future.

While we know that the throne will be reclaimed, it is not for us to live lives of waiting and silent contemplation- to exist in an unmanly state of receptiveness.

Rather, we prepare the Kingdom for the ultimate return, and in so doing, we immanentize the eschaton - to bring about the world in which we would live. 

What must we do to accomplish this? 

The answer is simplicity itself:

We aspire to and embrace ascetic warrior ethics grounded in honour and heroic values.

We do this in a direct and clear fashion. 

In this time, our possibilities are all the more exciting due to the nature of things as they stand - color stands out the brightest against a drab background, and our banners are unfurling. 

They are the banners of eternal Tradition, and we know we fight the same battle on the same front lines as many other brave men and women around this world, who exist here with us in the same time, with the same fire in their hearts that burns in ours. 

We fight for a shining and noble vision of the future, firmly rooted here in the present. 

The work that must be done is immediate and begins internally - preparing the throne of our hearts for the King to return. 

Who is this King? 

He is Arthur - an idea, an unkillable concept, and an Eternal Truth:

Nobility is attainable, and perfection, and victory remains possible for us in this lifetime, if our very existence is an expression of Honor and Loyalty.