Full Plate 11: Forever on Crusade

Posted: Apr 29, 2022

In the New Dark Ages, everything seems to be ironic and metaphorical.

Everything is a cynical joke, a defense mechanism against sincerity, a statement of no statement.

Holding a position, any position is seen as a faux pas, and it is infinitely more acceptable amongst the bourgeois and the socialite to be amorphous, rootless, fluid in every way…

In this fashion, change is the fashion.

We cannot allow ourselves to fall to this spirit of the age.

There is an old adage that, like many old adages, remains true, and becomes more so each day.

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Why is it that the masses are so easily manipulated, lied to, shifted, moved from one field to the other like cattle being grazed?

Why is it that each new trend, each new outrage, each new cause is leapt upon with a frenzied excitement, a furious urge to be “first” to tout whatever is NEW, whatever is “of the day?”

It is precisely because they believe in nothing that they so loudly claim belief in everything.

Desperate to find meaning, but unwilling to be outcast by looking into the forbidden topics of blood, culture, or spirituality outside of some kind of vague, cafeteria-style New Age vapidity that almost always doubles only as a cheap party trick or conversation starter, a loosely-held trinket with no weight or value.

This mindset is encouraged, fostered, fertilized, and enforced by the principalities and powers of this world for one reason alone:

Belief makes men dangerous.

It creates something worth living for, and something worth dying for.

Belief is the most treacherous thing there is for those in positions of control over this world, and it is the reason it is so mocked, so shunned.

And it is for this reason we must deeply explore and examine ourselves, our blood, our roots, and our culture.

We must immerse ourselves in things of worth and value in order to find where our belief lies, and from thence, to give our lives over to that belief, that zeal, that fire.

To believe in something is to have a God- what we believe in, what we mold our lives around, and give worth to, literally “worship” with our actions - this is our GOD.

And to have a god is to be forever on the Crusade…the Grand Campaign from whence we attain our own honor and value.

“Rejecting modernity” is more than a slogan to sound interesting.

It is a rejection of all the trappings of that modern world that are damaging, deracinating, and disintegrating to who we are as human beings, who we are as people. 

It is choosing belief over what is fashionable. 

It is choosing hard truths over beautiful lies. 

It is choosing blood over gold.