Full Plate 7: The Gauntlet pt 1

Posted: Feb 25, 2022

In the New Dark Ages, a gauntlet must be thrown down for the worthy to accept.

In a time when "belief" is untested, and simply refers to a story you tell about yourself, how many of you are willing to take a challenge and rise to the occasion?

If we say we are men of a different kind than the mob, if we claim to be something more noble, if we profess to believe in a higher way - all these words and claims are dust and ashes unless our lives are visibly in stark contrast to the lives of normal men.


Those who merely pay lip service to an ideal, while living in a fashion identical to that of those who serve the Dragon, the Bull, or the Scarlet Woman are traitors. They speak one way and act another. This is not in line with the kind of brutal chivalry we are suggesting.

Brutal is defined in these times as "punishingly hard or uncomfortable."

"Direct, and lacking any attempt to disguise unpleasantness."

"Harsh, severe."

The original Roman name "Brutus" meant someone "heavy" or "masculine."

Truth is often ugly and harsh.

A life lived without compromise can often be hard, uncomfortable and direct.

Without hardship, without trials and pressure, a man cannot become something more than he is now - and those who flinch in the face of severity or discipline are not worthy of being counted among our new ranks.

These days are full of paper warriors, toy soldiers.

Who among you would be a real one, and pick up the Gauntlet, accepting discomfort and a life of dedication to Right Action?

We need look no further than the righteous orders of the past to inform our new one - many of these truths are eternal, and the knights of old may ride once again if we utilize their guidance and bring it forward through mists of the past into the neon fog of our age.

If you are someone who counts themselves a man of worth, or an individual who would become one, then continue with us as we prepare ourselves for the Grand Campaign.

Each man must serve the Table, before he can sit at it.

It is high time a New Table was assembled.


The Gauntlet Itself: Guidelines For A Life of Brutal Chivalry