Full Plate 9: Avalon is Rising

Posted: Mar 25, 2022

In the New Dark Ages, the myths must be written anew.

In Celtic myth and legend, there is a recurring theme of places referred to that are at once “of the earth,” and yet not of this world.

The famed Arthurian Isle or Vale of Avalon, the Welsh Annwn, the hidden domain of the Lady of the Lake - they are islands, they are part of physical kingdoms in the mainland, they are located in the underworld, or the unseen “otherworld,” existing alongside this reality, yet hidden from normal mortal view. 

To some degree, even Lancelot’s Joyous Gard has this changing aspect - when he first lays siege to it, it is named Dolorous Gard, or “Castle Grief.” 

This changes first to “Joyous,” after the knight claims it for his own, and then, tragically, back to “Dolorous” again in tales where Lancelot betrays his king.

These places are defined, not by place or geography, but by the spirit that permeates them.

Avalon’s actual location has been argued and sought after for centuries on centuries, but it will never be found - because Avalon is a real place, but not in the physical sense.

It is somewhere eternal, like Junger’s “Forest Passage,” a refuge and a wellspring of youth and immortality for the warrior besieged by the banality and colorless assault of this era of concrete and control, as well as a place from whence hidden knowledge comes…

And the possibility of resistance becomes reality.

No matter how far the Dragon’s many eyes can see, or where his agents go - the enchanted forest, the underworld, the hidden realms still exist and can shelter the noble outlaw knight from that hideous gaze. 

There are cracks in their world, through which the intrepid can still peer and see these clandestine places. Like looking through the fabled hole in the stone, if one knows where to turn it. 

Somewhere deep among the towers of steel and glass of the great cities, a band of men are training their bodies and martial skill, exchanging dangerous books and ideas, and hardening their resolve to resist the forces of darkness. 

Even through the halls of illusion, the flickering screens and endless corridors of the internet, signals of hope and resistance are being broadcast by those who have learned its secrets and turned some of its power to their own use. 

Sometimes, the forest is literal. 

The Crowned King and Queen of Spring stand with Grail and Bread, and feed the very might of the land and the blood of heroes to a new Round Table, as fire dances across upheld sword, and knife, and rifle. 

We live in the New Dark Ages. 

But the dawn is coming…

And Avalon is a state of mind - immortality, eternal youth, and the endless Grand Campaign.