The Gauntlet: A Concise Guide to a Life of Brutal Chivalry

Posted: Mar 4, 2022

In the New Dark Ages, it seems all men are, themselves, perpetually looking for something new. 

A new belief, a new manual on how to become wealthy, a new way of doing things or looking at the world. 

Leaflets, manuals and codices abound, each one of them purporting to be “the latest and best instruction” on how to live life. 

This is not that. 

It is my belief that modern problems require ancient solutions, and as such, this brief work does not say anything “new.”

Instead, it looks to the men of worth who have gone before, and in a short fashion, it answers a few questions and makes a few statements about the different aspects of a man’s life. 

Everything today has become needlessly complex, those who make it all the more complex only doing so in order to sell some new “expertise” that isn’t really required for a life of value. 

What, then, is required for a life of value, to be a man of worth, to become ennobled? 

One thing, and one thing only:

The attainment of honor. 

This short work will, in simple terms, define what honor is, and how it is gotten. A man can think and do many other things with his life, but the fact remains that it is only this that need concern him when answering the question: does my life have value?

If he is in the steady and earnest pursuit of honor at all times, regardless of shortcomings that can and will occur along the way, his answer will be a resounding yes. 

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